"Deadwood: The Movie" special trailer with cast commentary added

This is it, and noting the "storage" part in the address, it may only be temporary. The one further down is a trailer from last month --> https://springboardplatform.com/storage/...738421.mp4

Does anyone even remember this show after what -- almost 13 years? As many times as the loose-ends tried to tie themselves up in a movie that failed to happen during that time, this now might even give hope to those ceaselessly moaning Canadian "Dark Matter" mourners when that original cast and their characters are in their rocking chairs. Certainly not intended as a comparison in terms of critical reputation, much less genre. Just both having abrupt cancellation after three seasons. (Deadwood: The Movie - Wikipedia entry)

Ian McShane says upcoming ‘Deadwood’ movie is ‘OK’ : Fans are finally getting the “Deadwood” movie they screamed for — but it may not live up to their expectations, according to the show’s star. Ian McShane, 76, is one of the select few who’s seen a rough cut — and his reaction is lackluster to say the least. “I think it’s — yeah, it’s OK,” McShane spilled to Collider Friday at the press junket for his new “Hellboy” reboot. “Yeah, it’s good.”

The one below may have bits of content similar to the special trailer above, but minus the actors talking about it. If you ever saw the original series, you know not to play this if there are kids within listening range or social justice offendables. Al Swearengen (Ian McShane) didn't really mellow that much over the lost time-span.  


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