First Science Fiction Movie Filmed in Space

You never know what you are going to find on the internet...

I was looking at an astronaut's twitter page. He linked to a story in an entertainment magazine about the possibility of filming real science fiction movies in space, with professional actors, cinematographers and everything. (Hey, the day's coming...) And that story contained a link to this...

It's the first science fiction movie filmed in space, on the space station. (Mostly.) The actors, camera-man etc are astronauts. It sounds like they are just making up their lines as they go. I liked "You're upside down! No, you're upside down! Stop walking on the ceiling, you're creeping me out!" (It must get boring up there.) And they way it starts out with the astronauts saying goodbye to an astronaut who just left, while peering into, waving and speaking into what I believe is their weird Russian designed suction space toilet.

They say that the film took about as long to shoot as to watch, less maybe three minutes. One take,  no rehearsals.

It's pretty stupid, but it's film history. Watch it here:

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