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General Discussion

Sometimes discussion goes beyond the confines of forum themes and can be uncategorised.

Sub Forums:  Ukrainian Conflict

Israel-Gaza War (and Iranian Distractions)


Food & Recipes

If you have some favourite meal or some special way of cooking something this is the place to share it.

One has to go..


Law & Ethics

Think of this as the subforum where politics is stripped to its bare bones and leaves only the important parts behind.

Arizona bill bans displays of Satan


Gadgets & Technology

Found some new gizmo that's a must have? or seen a technology mentioned that is potentially a revolutionary game changer?

How antimatter engines could fly humans to other stars in just a few years


Art & Music

Have a favourite artist or musician, perhaps you are a artist or musician.

What are you listening to ...right now?



Anything from home improvements to making your own rocket sled.

Leatherman Rebar - making an old-style leather pouch (Survival Lilly)


Film, Photography & Literature

Seen or made a film, interesting photo or book?

H P Lovecraft. The case of Charles Dexeter Ward. BBC Radio Podcast


Style & Fashion

Nuances of Vogue

(UK) ‘Mary Poppins' deemed unsuitable for children (fashions in retro evil)

Magical Realist

Games, Sports & Hobbies

Want to play a game with other members or happen to have an interest in a sport or hobby?

Why men outperform women at ‘mindsports’ – and what to do about it (games)


Communities & Social Networking

If you go to a group meeting, enjoy bake offs or just like socialising.

Do all humans feel music the same way? (mellifluent & cacophonic network)



Rockets, spaceships and plans for world domination (*not included)

Intuitive Machines IM-1 Lunar Lander


Vehicles & Travel

So you like cars, bikes, planes, trains, boats, ships, spacecraft, caravans or any specific travel spots that you like to visit.

Apple Ending its Apple Car Project


Fitness & Mental Health

This is the subforum for greater well being either through exercise or just thinking about things differently.

Dementia risk and sleep loss

Magical Realist


The study of fermentation especially in regards to creating alcoholic beverages. (Beer/Wine/Spirits making etc)

Prosecco 101

Magical Realist


Its possible to learn a lot from the past, if you of course know what to look for.

Amazing historical factoids

Magical Realist

Weird & Beyond

Sometimes there are things that are beyond the mundane and are just too weird to ignore.

WWII Foo fighters according to Skeptoid

Magical Realist

Religions & Spirituality

Discussion of Religion and it's effects in society.

This is what a near-death experience actually feels like

Magical Realist


Surviving the zombie apocalypse and other hysteria ridden times.

Survival guide to the future from 1997: predictions about this era (Survival Lilly)