One thing that made me happy today.

I wish I could write like Donne. 

I find it perplexing that happiness should require death. I can be happy knowing the bell.was not or for a favorite of mine?

Not sure if Darwin ever included a Chevy grill or Michelin tire when the subject of natural selection arose. It's like we have become a very harsh environment and only those who can adapt to us will make it. I suppose I can be happy knowing this.
I was woken up by a total panic going on outside. Parents squarking, kids making their noise but all apparently present and correct.
Setting the scene...
Next door they have a patio type thing, open at the top and surrounded by high walls with large windows in. It would be easy for one of our chicks to fall into it and not be able to get out. I've only ever seen Mr Gull go down into it and he has a long think before he does it. To get out requires a near vertical flight of eight feet to get through an eight foot wide gap - not easy for a bird with a four foot wingspan that isn't really designed for vertical flight.

In the patio is an adult gull repeatedly flying into the windows trying to get out.
Mr and Mrs Gull are peering down from the top of the wall squarking madly.
Mr Gull is repeatedly flying down into the patio and back up again - clearly trying to show the trapped gull how to get out - pretty damn smart for a bird, I thought - the gull inside is taking no notice of him.
So two adult gulls who normally drive off any other gulls are clearly panic stricken about an adult gull trapped in this patio thing. Doesn't make sense except..
The little ball of fluff on the left in my avatar was hatched on the same roof by the same parents. Not the brightest ember that ever fell into the insulation. Two years later, all growed up, she's the bird trapped in the patio and she's still their little chicky and they still care for her.

My neighbours will be surprised to find crosses whitewashed onto the outside of their patio windows (why, how?).

It worked.

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