My 3 Year Old Is Praying, What Do I Do? + How to stop the atheist infighting

(Sep 23, 2017 06:16 AM)Magical Realist Wrote: Look. Evolution is solid fact. The evidence for it is so overwhelming you'd have to be delusional to deny it. And since we know evolution occurred, that is how species came to be. Thru natural selection and isolation. There is no other explanation and no need for one either, spurious mutating god forces notwithstanding.

Thanks for demonstrating your scientific illiteracy of the difference between fact and theory. No one I know of disputes the facts, like the fossil record, adaptation, genetic variation, etc.. All of these can be readily demonstrated today.
Quote:The Roman Catholic Church has long accepted – or at least not objected to – evolutionary theory.
60% of Americans say humans have evolved over time...

Quote:The process that many people find most confusing about evolution is speciation, which is not a separate mechanism at all, but rather a consequence of the preceding mechanisms played out in time and space. Speciation occurs when a population changes sufficiently over time that it becomes convenient to refer to the early and late forms by different names. Speciation also occurs when one population splits into two distinct forms that can no longer interbreed. Reproductive isolation does not generally happen in one generation; it may require many thousands of generations when, for example, one part of a population becomes geographically separated from the rest and adapts to a new environment. Given time, it is inevitable that two populations that live apart will diverge by mutation, drift, and selection until eventually their genes are no longer compatible for successful reproduction. -

As I said earlier, deviating from the biological species definition is, as the above states, just a "convenience"...mostly so the evidence-ignorant like you can be duped into conflating fact and theory. Sadly, humans respond more to ad populum arguments from ignorant sycophants than actual, rigorous science. Not that we expect anything more from a UFO nut like you.

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