Updated- YouTube punished atheist for exposing preacher who wants gay people executed

**Update***: The video is back up and the strike against Skylar has been removed. Success! --blogger


EXCERPT: Back in May, a young preacher named Matt Powell sat for an interview with atheist YouTuber Skylar Fiction. Powell had been mocked online for saying things like atheists were Coke-drinking video game addicts and scientists were hiding the truth about the Sun and moon, so this was his opportunity to clear the air. Powell just made things worse.

Most notably, during the interview, he said to Skylar that the government should execute gay people. While that rhetoric isn’t out of the ordinary for some Christian extremists, it was still frightening to hear from the mouth of a 22-year-old. Skylar even gave him a chance to walk back on what he said. Did he seriously think gay people should be killed?! Powell doubled down on his beliefs. [...] See?! He wants gay people executed humanely. He’s not evil, right?!

I’m sure most of you tried to click on the video to watch that exchange… but you can’t. YouTube took down the video, citing hate speech. Skylar told me it was a strike on his channel, too, meaning he can’t livestream any more interviews for another three months. He’s on probation during that time.

In other words, YouTube punished him for exposing what a Christian extremist said. That is absolutely ridiculous. Skylar told me he appealed the decision, but YouTube didn’t overturn it. The strike remains....

MORE: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyath...-executed/
No, YouTube likely took it down for inciting/promoting violence, regardless of who said it and who posted. That's restricted content, not punishment for him being an atheist or exposing a Christian extremist.

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