Yang on Trump + South African xenophobia + Companies leaving China + Feeding dogs

Andrew Yang On Donald Trump: ‘I Truly Am His Kryptonite’ (trending campaign fashion statements)

EXCERPT: During a recent interview with WBUR’s On Point, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang [...] highlighted that he is one of the only candidates that Donald Trump has yet to address on Twitter. “And the reason for that is that he’s a bully and he knows I’m better at the internet than he is,” he said, highlighting the internet-savvy nature of his following, the Yang Gang ... “But I truly am his kryptonite. He even said in a rally in West Virginia a number of months ago, he said he can’t wait to run against the Democrats. The only thing he’s worried about is that some new figure comes out of nowhere, and I’m that figure. He runs most effectively against people that are part of the D.C. establishment, and I am not.” (MORE)

Stars boycott South Africa over xenophobic attacks (stylish blacklisting)

EXCERPTS: Africans have come out to boycott South Africa after days of looting and violence targeting foreigners in which five people died. [...] South Africa's social development minister told the BBC the rioters feared losing their jobs to foreigners. The country has become a magnet for migrants from other parts of Africa. It has one of the continent's biggest and most developed economies. [...] Authorities, such as the police and some politicians, were reluctant to call these latest attacks xenophobic. [...] Some observers say that this is because they are embarrassed. [...] The attacks on foreign stores began a day after South African truckers started a nationwide strike on Sunday to protest against the employment of foreign drivers.

[...] What are the boycotters angry about? They are angry about South Africans attacking other Africans living in the country. Since Monday, mobs have been looting shops and torching trucks driven by foreigners in various parts of South Africa. Police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades in an attempt to stop the looting. ... At least 189 people have been arrested. (MORE)

Taiwan, Japanese companies moving home due to US tariffs (trade vogue)

EXCERPT: . . . The U.S. and China have been locked in a bitter and protracted trade dispute for over a year. [...] With tariffs increasingly cutting into profits, some companies in Asia are returning home to produce their goods, or moving away from China where their factories were or are currently located.

The trend [...] is most prevalent in the capital machinery and electronics sectors in Japan and Taiwan, where companies are moving home to avoid higher U.S. tariffs on imports from China ... Companies, such as Dell, that were already concerned about rising labor costs in China, also took the opportunity from the fallout of the trade dispute to accelerate the move of their factories away from China, said the economists. U.S. and Taiwanese companies make up more than half of the companies that are planning to relocate production...

The report followed U.S. President Donald Trump's demand that American companies move their production out of China. On Aug. 23, he took to Twitter, ordering them to "immediately start looking for an alternative to China" and make their products at home instead. By industry, the three sectors dominating the relocation out of China were electronics, followed by apparel, shoes and bags, and electrical equipment.

[...] The economies that are benefiting the most from the tariff fight are mainly in Asia, with Vietnam, Taiwan and Thailand dominating. Outside of Asia, Mexico is a standout. (MORE - details)

Wife feeds husband's penis to dogs to put an end to years of abuse (domestic lifestyles)

EXCERPT: A Ukrainian wife beheaded her husband and hacked off his penis after suffering years of domestic abuse, police say. The suspect, identified only by the name Maria, then fed her husband's severed penis to dogs in the village of Obariv in the north of the country. The 48-year-old woman told police 'she was suffering domestic violence for ages and murdered her husband to put an end to it' and that 'it was the only way out'.

[...] Police spokesman Vadim Artiukhovich said: 'The suspect confessed in full at the scene. She was charged with murder and taken into custody. ... Neighbours say they, in fact, saw the husband beating her up and chasing her with an axe a lot of times. However, the woman has never reported the incidents.' (MORE - details)

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