Flat-Earther to launch himself again in homemade rocket Sunday (DIY astronaut)

Yep, media world is already bored due to these aborted blast-offs. Had to go a flat earth news site to finally find an acknowledgment.

Mad Mike Hughes Rocket Launch Was Delayed

EXCERPT: The Rocket Man delayed his launch set for August 17, 2019 due to technical issues with the rocket. [...] the attempt was cancelled abruptly by an oversight built into the rocket itself. ... To get into the technical aspects of the rocket, it’s not really as complex as one would expect. It’s basically a massive hot water tank that holds about 90 gallons of regular water. The water is heated by two massive water heaters built into the tank, sort of like your own hot water heater in your basement.

[...] The newest launch delay will require a few simple modifications to the interior of the rocket and the separate cockpit section for the pilot to fix. It is designed and built like a bathtub to give the pilot serious protection. The cockpit will undergo a series of insulation installations where the rockets water tank will be wrapped like a kiln. The cockpit will receive fittings to prevent the heat from transmitting into the pilots seat. [...] We will remain on this story as there are no cell phone lines near the launch site and at this point FENN is one of the few sources of information coming out of the Nevada launch site.

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