Ditching DIY for 'do it for me' + Binging on DIY videos + DIY plans for tiny houses

Millennials are ditching DIY for ‘do it for me’? We should be cheering

EXCERPT: There is a new trend in DIY, known as “do it for me”. This embarrassing sign of the times includes basic maintenance services offered in-store, such as at Halfords, where customers can pay a tradesperson £5 to change an indicator bulb. It also refers to innovations in self-assembly products, such as Ikea’s wedge dowels, which require no screws or tools. It is always reported in the press as a bad thing, even down to the horrible name. As if “do it yourself” isn’t the rudest phrase in the English language.

This is probably because the change caters to less practically skilled young people, who don’t know how to put up shelves, or replace the oscillating mechanism of a spindle sander, because they are too preoccupied with emojis or working longer hours for less money or something. It is another way to bash millennials, who only know how to swipe, not screw. What a persecuted generation. When they boost the economy by creating jobs at Halfords, they are seen as lazy; when they make their own things, whether it is kefir or artisanal spoons or bad facial hair, these are derided for being affectations. [...] Since when was it bad to make life easier for everyone?

Two-Thirds of Brits Turning to Online DIY Self-Help Videos

INTRO: Two in three Brits (67 per cent) are turning to online videos and tutorials to help with simple self-fix repairs in the home. Almost nine in every 10 people (89 per cent) say they are comfortable to give DIY jobs a go by themselves… However, more than half (53 per cent) don’t know how to shut off a stopcock, less than half feel confident bleeding a radiator and only 13 per cent would tackle a frozen outdoor condensate pipe.

Two in every three British homeowners are turning to online videos and tutorials to help with simple self-fix repairs in their homes, as new insights reveal a wide gap in DIY skills across the generations. Vast swathes of the nation claim to be savvy self-fixers, with almost nine in every ten homeowners saying they are comfortable to give DIY and simple household jobs a go themselves. However, when pressed about essential winter repairs, this confidence varies wildly between generations.... (Study commissioned by HomeServe: [urk=https://living.homeserve.com/videos/]DIY videos[/url])

MORE: http://www.insightdiy.co.uk/news/twothir...s/6849.htm

DIY tiny house can be built for around $10,000

INTRO: Luxury tiny houses are all well and good, but a tiny house seems best suited as a low cost option that lets people forgo mortgages. With this in mind, the Czech Republic's Pin-Up Houses is selling plans for a no-frills tiny house that can be built for approximately US$10,000. (View gallery - 24 images)

[...] Pin-Up Houses told us that the materials for the [Magenta] model shown cost around $2,100, with the labor costing another $7,900, though both figures could obviously vary quite a lot depending on where you live. You'll need to source all that yourself too, as Pin-Up Houses only sells build plans, which fetch $129 for the Magenta. There is at least one advantage here though, it does mean that you don't necessarily have to opt for the shocking color of the demo model. As you'd expect, some corners need to be cut with such a low cost model and it's very utilitarian, with a waterproof plywood exterior, spruce beams, and polystyrene insulation. We've no word on R-values or the like, but we'd guess that it's not suited to extreme weather....

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/jMvP3H49Pvg

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