The 5 Best Ways to Store Delicious Homemade Bread


EXCERPT: There’s nothing worse than getting excited about your freshly baked bread, only to find that it dries out or molds within a day or two. Proper storage techniques can prevent these unhappy events from happening to you.

Homemade bread can contain fewer additives and tends to have more nutrients than manufactured options. Although mastering the art of baking bread does take some practice and time, the nutritional impact and taste will pay off in the long run. When you create your own bread, you are the one choosing what goes into it. This gives you the power to select the finest flours, dairy, and eggs for your creations.

You can also limit the sugar added and avoid additives such as dextrose or high fructose corn syrup. In addition, homemade bread tends to use far less sodium than commercial options. If you have any allergies to certain foods, making your own takes the concern out of eating bread. It also prevents the risk of your exposure to harmful cross-contamination.

The inviting, comforting scent of homemade bread is enough reason for many people to try making their own. The options to experiment with bread-making are nearly endless and the craft never gets old. But making the bread is only the beginning, you’ll need a proper storage place for your delicious loaves once they’re done.

Each of the bread storage products on this list was selected for its ability to keep your homemade creations fresh for as long as possible. They were chosen for affordability, value, and overall quality based on user reviews....


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