Jailed extremists force inmates to convert to Islam + Cred dependent upon Mo Salah

Jailed extremists are forcing other inmates to convert to Islam (UK)

EXCERPT: Extremist Muslim gangs in British prisons are forcing other inmates to convert to Islam or face violence, a Government report has warned. The gangs, often led by fanatics who are serving sentences for terrorism, are recruiting violent prisoners to be their 'foot soldiers', the report reveals. Inmates who refuse to convert to Islam and join their ranks are being ostracised or attacked. [...] The report, which examined three unnamed high security prisons in England, also describes how the gangs are instilling fear in staff.

Experts have previously warned that UK prisons have become a breeding ground for extremists to spread their behaviours and ideas. [...Like...] Pastor Paul Song, who was chaplain at Brixton prison. He told ... how extremist Muslim gangs came to dominate his jail ... assaulting him over his Christian faith. He said Islamic extremists had hijacked his Bible classes, interrupting a discussion on divine grace to loudly acclaim the killers of Lee Rigby, whose murder by jihadis on a South London street shocked the nation. (MORE)

Muslims have to be as exceptional as Mo Salah not to be discriminated against (UK)

EXCERPT: ‘You’re different from the other Asians/Muslims,’ or ‘wow, you’ve really broken the mold,’ are just some of the things I’ve had said to me by well-intentioned people. [...] You’ve exceeded their expectations. ... What do you think the rest of us are like? ... It seems the default expectation of a son or daughter of immigrants, especially if they happen to be from a Muslim background, is not much at all.

So, when the outstanding Mo Salah of Liverpool Football Club was being praised for reducing hate crimes in Liverpool, it once again reminded me of the conversations I and so many other people of colour are used to having, about those of us who are classified as ‘good immigrants’ and those of us who are ‘bad immigrants’.

Take nothing away from Mo Salah, his performances not only as a footballer on the field as well as the way he conducts himself off the field make him a role model [...] But relying on how exceptional some of Muslims are, so that the rest of us – who are equally brilliant in our own way – can live a little easier, isn’t the best way to tackle racism. It fills me with much unease to know that my worth and value as a human being will be determined by how brilliantly a footballer, or an athlete or a baker is performing so that Britain can get a positive view of the rest of us. If Mo Salah performs badly, or dare I say it, even leaves Liverpool Football Club, will I then have to worry about my sisters and mother walking through Liverpool if they have a headscarf on? (MORE)

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