"Why We Fight Islam" (European Politics)


EXCERPT (Mathijs Koenraadt): After the 9/11 attacks, President Bush assured the world that America was not at war with Islam. But the Paris shootings showed that Islamic terrorism is at war with the world. Rooted in traditionalism, Islam despises freedom, stifles progress and buries critical thought. Islamic doctrine rejects everything that Europe and the West have built up over the past three thousand years. Islam is not a religion, but an oppressive ideology posing as one. We owe it to history to defend the future of the West.

[...] Islam’s terrorists don’t hate the West for its perceived wrongdoings, but because the West’s technological advancement and economic success make Islamic civilization look bad. According to the World Values Survey, Islamic nations value traditionalism over rational thought, and survivalist attitudes over self-expression. Thus Islam diagonally opposes everything that Europe and the West stand for. While many Westerners mistakenly believe that “the desire for free choice and autonomy is a universal human aspiration”, the collectivist peoples of Islam in fact reject freedom. Muslims renounce their own equality for they consider equality to non-Muslims an insult to their prophet, the perfect Muslim whose life they wish to imitate.

Unsurprisingly, all of over fifty nations that suffer a majority Islamic population have failed to produce a single democracy. Turkey, at one time being the only exception under the secular rule of Atatürk, has fallen victim to Islamists who swiftly reversed progress. Traditionalist Islam effectively hates modernity. For example, the name of Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram literally means ‘to forbid Western education’. But then how do Islamists, who reject Western knowledge, acquire Western levels of wealth? Conquest.

Who are we to submit our lives to barbarism? We have no alternative but to defend a culture of rational thought and self-expression. In the name of life, we must fight traditionalism wherever it robs children of their future....

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