House for Sale Features Include a Fully Equipped Sex Dungeon

Real Estate Listing For Suburban Pennsylvania House Takes One Hell Of A Turn: "Since the time of posting, Redfin has removed the pictures of the basement from the listing, but you can see 'em all here."

Supposedly the owner moved out after his wife died, but he modified it to an Airbnb lodging that was rented out over the ensuing months. Having been listed by that service as sporting an “underground adult room” with moody lighting for guests ($750 a night with $250 cleaning fee).

The upset neighbors apparently weren't entirely aware of the home's intermediate function or all aspects of such, and are complaining now about crowds of people flocking there to see it.

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The realtor gave an interview to Slate. I guess it’s getting pretty crazy. She’s even did T.V. appearances and she said every magazine is calling her now.

Quote:Do viral listings sell faster? Obviously it helps to get more eyes on it, but is there a risk that the house becomes notorious? Will people not like it because it went viral?

Realtor: I think that people are gonna like that it went viral. It’s gonna bring more people to the house and it’s going to sell faster.

You don’t think there’s a downside.

Realtor: No, there’s no downside.

Oh, there’s a downside alright. The proud new owners will be the talk of the town.

I admit there’s a point when I’m completely submissive. Once those chemicals start pumping through my veins and shutting off regions of my brain that control rational behavior, I’m like, "Yeah-yeah! Do whatever you want," but that’s a very-very short window of opportunity. I can’t imagine being trapped when my self-awareness instantly kicks back in again. I need my arms and legs to make sure my [get the hell off me] is loud and clear.

Definitely not my thing.
(Feb 9, 2019 10:54 PM)Secular Sanity Wrote: The realtor gave an interview to Slate. I guess it’s getting pretty crazy. She’s even did T.V. appearances and she said every magazine is calling her now.

SLATE: People seem really worked up.

ML: I think they’re really angry! Like, “They’re whipping people sexually around in there!” I’m like, “Listen, it’s a lifestyle.”

While a mix of other apparatus doubtless serves similar function, I'm still surprised there's no straightforward pillory among BDSM ware and furniture. With the head and hands secured in such a rigid manner, and the back and posterior in sloped position, it would seem a more than satisfactory device for accommodating the range of goals.

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All this is many years too late for me. <*sigh*>

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