Grimm Abandonment: Derelict Australian Fairy Tale Park for Sale


EXCERPT: Inspired by classical fairy tales, this deserted theme park recently opened its doors to an urban explorer and photographer, giving outsiders a glimpse into the current state of the place as well as its potential to be reborn in the hands of the right buyer. Traveling to the site from Tasmania, Urbexography has done a remarkable job at documenting this strangely magical place....
A sad statement on the "happily ever after" theme of childhood fairy tales. We have an active fairy-tale themed park right here in Oregon. My sister took her grandkids there and had a delightful time:
We've lost a few "attractions" over my way for over the years, mainly due to economic depression, growing demand for tighter regulatory controls, insurance costs (for dealing with public indemnity) and lesser demand as the demographic habits of holidaymakers changed from local holidays to foreign ones based upon the  cheap flights/holidays in the Mediterranean.

When the costs spiral for such places over here they usually end up with a company attempting to get planning permission to turn the whole thing into a housing estate so they can sell it of piece by piece at a far greater value than the land alone.

[Image: 2429791B00000578-0-image-a-18_1418987660213.jpg]

One of the most recent nearby is the old Pontin's Holiday park at Hemsby.  During the early 1980's to early 1990's the park was a thriving "resort" for low income families and families that didn't want to take their kids too far away from home (This is back when a family could go on holiday during term time without an entire inquest into how it might cause a performance change in the child's education).

It was basically a self-contained area with touristy shops, drinking holes, function rooms, swimming pools and all sorts of activity to keep people amused.  Occasionally large meetup's like the Doctor Who Convention, General Scifi Conventions and Rock and Roll Weekends were everybody would be dressed as Greesers from the 1950's riding in on their Customised Caddies, Dragsters and Roadsters.

At one point in the UK there was a television show that highlighted and celebrated such parks Hi-De-Hi (

Now it's a derelict wasteland where people locally either want to paintball or shoot zombies, but again there are still companies thinking they can revamp it into housing.  (They stick all these plans in for housing but they tend to neglect that it's located in a potential flood zone, the local power and waste treatment  systems need to be check to see if they can support the growth and the local road system would need to be considered for the increase of burden of traffic to a rural area.)

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