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Astrophysics, Cosmology & Astronomy

Discussion that explores Space and the Universe

NASA on Moon Rotation


Geophysics, Geology & Oceanography

Discussion that explores our planets formation and makeup

Researchers propose new structures to harvest untapped source of fresh water


Meteorology & Climatology

Discussion that explores our planets every changing environment

The Southern Hemisphere is stormier than the Northern, and we finally know why


Biochemistry, Biology & Virology

Discussion that explores the building blocks and evolution of life

Can plants see? In the wake of a controversial study, the answer is still unclear

Magical Realist

Physiology & Pharmacology

Discussion that incorporates human anatomy and drug applications

Pregnant moms’ stress may accelerate cell aging of white, not Black, kids


Anthropology & Psychology

Discuss the human condition, from whence it came and what destination it might arrive at.

A “quantum brain” could solve the hard problem of consciousness, new research suggest

Magical Realist

Chemistry, Physics & Mathematics

Discussion of the core fundamental of Science.

Physicists observe wormhole dynamics using quantum computer + Why a singularity?


Computer Sci., Programming & Intelligence

Discussion of many computer related applications in science.


Magical Realist

Architecture, Design & Engineering

A place for discussing industrial and architectural engineering and design.

After Artemis I mission’s success, why is an encore 2 years away? (engineering)


Ergonomics, Statistics & Logistics

Discussion forum for the application of information

Cannabis is no better than a placebo for treating pain (data meta-analysis)


Logic, Metaphysics & Philosophy

Discuss Philosophy of old or the logic of new.

Finding language in the brain (philosophy of language)

Magical Realist

General Science

General Science for content that doesn't quite fit the subforum categories but is Science in nature.

Last week's science news examined (weekly episodes, Sabine Hossenfelder)


Alternative Theories

Thoughts and theories that are not mainstream science.

Can we hack our way out of the universe?


Junk Science

The discussion of Pseudo-Science, Junk Science and Intellectually Dishonest conduct.

Attachment theory: pop psychology’s latest trend for explaining relationships


Academic Resources

documents, papers, source material. If it's available freely and you know where it is online share it here.

Free Online Logic Textbooks