UK: late frost means magic mushrooms will bloom on New Year's Day


EXCERPT: An unusually late frost means magic mushroom hunters could be in luck on their illegal searches for the Class A fungi as late as New Years Day. Psychedelic mushrooms are native to the UK but the growing season usually begins in late September at the earliest and ends by late November. This year, however, subzero temperatures have so far held off, meaning they can continue to grow. Coupled with a longer and hotter summer season than normal this year and its been a bumper crop for the country's Liberty Caps and other hallucinogenic varieties. One expert puts the changes down to climate change, which has led to more than autumn 70 fruiting days for the mushrooms - compared to 33 in the past.

[...] Research over the last few decades has suggested that the compound psilocybin may have a number of therapeutic benefits, with potential to help treat anxiety, depression, and even addiction. But until now, the ‘recipe’ for psilocybin has remained a mystery. In a new study, scientists have characterized the four enzymes mushrooms use to make this compound for the first time, setting the stage for pharmaceutical production of the ‘powerful psychedelic fungal drug.’ [...] Although 'Magic Mushrooms' were made illegal in the UK in 2005, researchers have been studying the mind-altering chemicals they contain, particularly psilocybin. Tiny doses have been found to improve a person's problem-solving skills, recent research suggests....


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