Guy Steals an Airliner in Seattle, Flies Around then Crashes it

The guy was apparently a ground crew guy who worked for the airline at Seattle-Tacoma airport (Sea-Tac). He got into the airliner that way, started it up and took off. Luckily there were no passengers aboard.

He flew south from Sea-Tac, apparently passing over Tacoma. F-15 jets were scrambled from Portland and flew supersonic up to Tacoma to intercept the airliner. Air controllers ordered the guy flying the plane to land at Joint Base McChord, but he replied no way he was doing that, the military there would rough him up. Then he started doing aerobatics (in an airliner!) such as loops. With the jet intercepters nearby he apparently lost control and crashed into a tiny island.

No sign that it was terrorism. More of an elaborate suicide.
Don't they take the key out of the ignition when not flying. You leave your car out on the driveway with the keys in it and the insurance company blames you when it's stolen
Some states will fine you for leaving your car running at the convenience store...something about the prevalence of car thefts or pollution or something.
Considering airplanes have been used as weapons of mass destruction, maybe more precautions are in order.
Even if the guy is a mechanic, there's no excuse. How many planes has this guy worked on? Better bring them all in for a looksee.

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