Bill Cosby's new townhall lecture series

Spend a delightful evening with legendary Jello man comedian Bill Cosby as he conducts a town hall about how to avoid sexual assault accusations. Learn the ins and outs of the law, the statute of limitations on drug rape, the proper use of aphrodesiac pills, and how to charm jury members with a doddering and pitiful veneer. Chuckle along with Bill as he shares hilarious tales of "dates gone wrong"..Hey hey hey! It's fun for the whole family. Limited seating so order your tickets now while they last.

[Image: judge-protects-bill-cosby-from-self-incrimination.jpg]
Now we know how many 'holes it takes to fill the Fat Albert Hall.

The Teflon Comic.
"Lights Out" and the thump-thump of the chicken-heart is very applicable here for Cosby's career. At least he's not dying of cancer like Joe Paterno was at the time of his downfall. The latter was celebrated as the ideal coach for decades before the final irony.

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