City's reparations to African-Americans via pot tax + Ohio bill & ectopic pregnancies

US city to pay reparations to African-American community with tax on marijuana sales

INTRO: A city in Illinois has announced it will create a reparations fund for its African American community through a new tax on marijuana sales. Recreational use of the drug will become legal in the state from January and officials in Evanston, which is 12 miles north of Chicago, have voted to approve a 3 per cent tax on the sales to fund a local reparations programme.

The tax is expected to generate between $500,000 and $750,000 annually for the reparations fund, which will be capped at $10 million over the next ten years. The city's lawmakers will meet next week to determine exactly how the fund will be distributed, but one idea being proposed is for the money to go towards things like skills training or financial assistance for down payments on a home in the area.

The fund will be available to all of the city's black residents, rather than merely those who can prove they had an ancestor who was enslaved, as long as they can meet certain residency criteria. The move comes amid a renewed national debate over whether the federal government should pay reparations to the descendants of former slaves. (MORE)

Will Ohio bill force doctors to do the impossible: Reimplant ectopic pregnancies?

EXCERPT (Bruce Y. Lee): Ohio House Bill 413 includes an “unusual” directive but doesn’t include a “how to” manual. ... what David N Hackney MD highlighted [in a tweet]:

To avoid criminal charges, including murder, for abortion, a physician must '…[attempt to] reimplant an ectopic pregnancy into the women’s uterus'. I don’t believe I’m typing this again but, that’s impossible. We’ll all be going to jail”. 

State Representatives Candice R. Keller (R-District 53) and Ron Hood (R-District 78) are the co-sponsors of this bill but to my knowledge haven’t offered a tutorial. I have reached out to both of their offices for further comment.

An ectopic pregnancy is when an egg, after it is fertilized, ends up being implanted and growing somewhere else besides within the cavity of your uterus. [...] As the Mayo Clinic website explains: “A fertilized egg can't develop normally outside the uterus. To prevent life-threatening complications, the ectopic tissue needs to be removed. Depending on your symptoms and when the ectopic pregnancy is discovered, this may be done using medication, laparoscopic surgery or abdominal surgery.”

Note that the website said “removed” and not “reimplanted.” If someone has discovered a procedure to reimplant ectopic pregnancies, please let everyone know, because many doctors on social media are wondering how this would even be possible.

Some may argue that the bill does include the words, “if applicable,” which then would allow well-meaning doctors to escape “criminal prosecution” and other consequences when they are doing, you know, what they are supposed to be doing scientifically. But then why even suggest something that is not applicable? Why not start inserting the word “teleport” into various bills and laws? For example, “person must demonstrate that he/she tried to teleport away before the accident occurred, if applicable.” Rule number one with bills before they become laws: make sure that what you propose currently is feasible in this world and in this dimension. In others, check with science first.

Simply mentioning non-existent medical procedures, even if you don’t end up requiring them, can have serious consequences... (MORE - details)

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