Earth Quake statistics & Locations

always unsure which way to post the time line... i have posted it backward today from what i normally post.
latest at the bottom of the post thus chronology starts from the 1st reading point.
it appears this is new deep movement in japan.
in theory i gues we may wish to see deep movement in the north american border also.
however there is nothing deep going on there.
why not ?

Monday March 20 2017, 00:39:21 UTC

42km WSW of Vallenar, Chile

[Image: circle-orange.png]

Depth 61.8

Monday March 20 2017, 03:01:06 UTC
76km WNW of San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina

[Image: circle-orange.png]

Depth 234.3

Monday March 20 2017, 03:34:47 UTC
292km NNE of Ndoi Island, Fiji

[Image: circle-orange.png]

Depth 604.7

Monday March 20 2017, 04:24:55 UTC
Solomon Islands.

[Image: circle-orange.png]

Depth 223.0
GeoScience Australia

Monday March 20 2017, 06:33:38 UTC
23km NW of Wabag, Papua New Guinea

[Image: circle-orange.png]


Monday March 20 2017, 08:17:26 UTC
49km ENE of Hualfin, Argentina

[Image: circle-orange.png]

Depth  168.6

Monday March 20 2017, 08:22:28 UTC
174km NW of Yoichi, Japan

[Image: circle-orange.png]

Depth 249.6

Monday March 20 2017, 12:57:09 UTC
73km S of Shingu, Japan

[Image: circle-red.png]

Depth 438.3

Monday March 20 2017, 15:55:58 UTC
Banda Sea.

[Image: circle-red.png]

Depth 101.0
GeoScience Australia
Heaps of 4.5 to 5.5 all in alaska over the last 36 or soo hours.

unusual to have soo many 5.0 or bigger in such a small time frame.

map of quakes
okie dokes folks
have not been posting for a while have not really had the time.
suffice to say there has been some extremely large movements all around the pacific rim of fire.
some huge action up in alaska.
now the south sandwhich islands in the last few hours.

it appears that everything has been moving except below japan in the sea of japan and toward taiwan.
with all the movement down in fiji and tonga very deep. the massive stuff in alaska last week
and the consistant medium to slightly big around some key points like a few rises and the sandwhiches...
i think taiwan and the sea of japan should be preparing for something close to a 7.5
hopefully they might get a distribution of smaller 6.5s maybe.. but the longer it goes on with 6's and high 6's on the eastern and northern rim the more pressure build up will be in the sea of japan.

it might hit the mariana trench down deep and have little to no reall effect on anyone which would be good(except for the eco system down there).
i dont like the idea of black smokers being damaged.
they are like the oceans pension plan.
ne need to preserve them as much as possible

though.... considering the bulk of the medium range quakes before the 7.0's etc hit were all mostly around the 5 mark and now we have consistant magnitude 6.0 to 6.8 going off regularily one could speculate there is a chance of something like an 8.0+
but thats pure speculation mixed with a little statistical probability on top of general guessing.

my best guess is maybe some 7.0 around toward taiwan .. probably wont be actually in taiwan but out to the west between taiwan and the Marinara Trench(possibly).

remeber its all just guessing.

6.0 and above last 30 days
as above
good news
Tuesday May 16 2017, 03:56:27 UTC

7 hours ago
67km SE of Inarajan Village, Guam

we should hopefully see some movement on the other side of this plate boundary hopefully in a range of 5.0 as it releases pressure.
in the direction of Taiwan or 30 Degree variation to a horizontal plane.(hopefully not up)
with the full moon it appears(a casual observation NOT a scientific conclusion or belief)
there has come a bit more movement.
various 5.0 and above in general with consistant 5.0's on the rises & ridges in the previous couple of weeks leading up to now.
With the very recent 6.3 in Turkey i am now wondering if the pacific rim might be in for some closer to the 6.0 size.

recently there was new volcanic (minor) activity in new zealand in 2 places around a week ago

i am wondering about hawaii
Hawaii Recent Activity
been observing the quake trends over the last 2 weeks and i suspect there may be a 7.4 on the cards for the pacific rim soonish.
not sure what depth. possibly around the west side around the leading edge of the west plate boundary to the right of all the recent indonesian activity.
unles it quiets down.
watching plate boundarys east (chile)
west (indonesia & philippines)
it appears chile side is fairly deep around 50 to 100 km deep
while west plate boundary is sitting around 30 to 50 km deep
regular 5.0s on the west with some continued movement around chile on the east coast.
what im looking for now is movement around japan to equal the pressure movement.

note slightly regular deeper movement around fiji shows probable plate (movement)/pressure/movement consistency.

hopefully japan will start to get some regular 5.0 to equal the plate pressure boundarys of the lower west and far east.
note north(alaska to russia plate edge) has consistant movement
what on Earth is this ?

Saturday June 24 2017, 15:34:06 UTC 2 hours ago
Northern Sumatra, Indonesia.
magnitude 5.1
Depth 0.0
GeoScience Australia
Type: EarthQuake
2 hours ago
Magnitude: 6.2
DateTime: 2017-06-25 12:42:30
Region: 209km NW of Nuku`alofa, Tonga
Depth: 38.27
Source: USGS Feed

this is where im watching

Type: EarthQuake
13 hours ago
Magnitude: 4.7
DateTime: 2017-06-25 01:17:15
Region: 22km NNW of Iida, Japan
Depth: 10
Source: USGS Feed
Soo this is the region i have been watching in particular to see if there is corresponding movement.
the depth is comparible from 50 to 100kms deep.
it was the only region of the plate not shwing movement and which over time the less movement the bigger th epotential build up given all other parts of the plate are moving.

M 4.7 - 103km WNW of Naze, Japan

Time 2017-06-29 06:52:49 (UTC)
Location 28.734°N 128.508°E
Depth 18.2 km

M 5.2 - 76km N of Hirara, Japan
Time 2017-06-30 14:04:02 (UTC)
Location 25.485°N 125.373°E
Depth 99.6 km

M 4.6 - 81km WNW of Naze, Japan
Time 2017-06-30 15:22:29 (UTC)
Location 28.577°N 128.690°E
Depth 54.0 km

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