Life on Earth older than the oldest rocks + Crackdown on disposal wells after quake

Life on earth is older than rocks on earth study finds

EXCERPT: Scientists believe Earth is roughly 4.5 billion years old. The oldest rocks scientists have ever found are roughly 4 billion years old. And now, a team at UCLA says it has found evidence of life that is older than those rocks....

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Oklahoma cracks down more on disposal wells after Cushing quakes

EXCERPT: Oklahoma regulators are cracking down harder on saltwater disposal wells near the vitally important Cushing crude storage hub, where a rash of quakes have stoked concerns its tanks and pipelines may not be designed to handle a major seismic event. The state’s oil and gas regulator late on Monday said all saltwater disposal wells within a 10-mile radius of Cushing could face new limits. It has also basically halted approvals for new disposal wells for the time being and ordered 13 wells to shut in or reduce the amount of water they inject deep into the earth. Once considered an area of “moderate seismic risk”, Oklahoma now experiences as many as two magnitude 3.0 or higher earthquakes a day, up from just two a year in 2008. The uptick has been attributed to the disposal of saltwater, a normal byproduct of oil drilling, into deep wells.....

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