Why so much to get car serviced?

I'm taking my car into the shop today for servicing--specifically, engine oil, brake fluid and transmission fluid.  What irritates me is the cost for changing the trans' fluid ($200.00).  Why something so simple should cost so much is beyond my understanding.  Heck, replacing the brake fluid costs less than half of the cost for replacing the trans' fluid.  And I would imagine that flushing out the brake system would require much more work.

Does anyone know why servicing the transmission fluid has such a high price tag? Angry
I recall something about them unhooking the transmission cooler lines and then hooking it up to a machine and then running the engine.

Then there are other transmissions that aren't made to be serviced at all.
Are you getting a transmission fluid change or a flush?

The second option is more costly for a number of reasons. Here is an excerpt and a link to an informative article which may be of assistance.

Quote:So why does a transmission flush cost more? Well for starters, a normal transmission fluid change only consists of draining the fluid, cleaning the pan, replacing the filter, and adding new fluid. The whole process uses about 5-7 quarts of fluid on average, while the average car holds about 12 quarts. Remember that for a transmission fluid change, a good amount of fluid can still remain in the cooler lines and the torque converter, which is why only around 5-7 quarts of fluid are needed. On the other hand, a transmission flush requires anywhere from 12-22 quarts in order to replace the old fluid completely. So a lot of the transmission flush cost is going into the extra fluid needed, not to mention the professional flush equipment that’s used.   


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