Don’t look now, but your car is watching you: 12 In-Car Devices to Watch Drivers


EXCERPT: . . . Driver monitoring is no longer a nice-to-have feature. In the era of self-driving cars, it becomes a must-have technology, because drivers, some of the time, are still going to be required behind the steering wheel. “The driver monitoring business comes down to auto maker liability,” said Roger Lanctot, associate director in the global automotive practice at Strategy Analytics. “The car maker needs to ensure the driver is paying attention when they need to take control, or the car must move to the side of the road.” In essence, when driving a car equipped with an in-cabin camera, drivers will be trading privacy for safety. Lanctot added, “What is not crystal clear at this point is a) whether drivers will tolerate being monitored (as the cost of having an automated car) or b) whether it will be possible to turn these systems off.”...

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