Amazon/Blue Origin Founder Jeff Bezos Revealed to be a Space Alien!

It's true! He's not human!

It's not like it wasn't obvious.

[Image: Jeff_Bezos_2005.jpg]

Well, here he is with his poorly-fitting human disguise removed.

[Image: bezos_20star_20trek.0.jpg]

Bezos is from Seattle. MR is from Portland. Why is MR so interested in ufos??

Actually, Bezos had a small part in the new Star Trek Beyond movie as an alien starfleet official (I think that's pretty cool) and was photographed having lunch at the studio while in costume.
I'd become a straw-sucking alien owner of a billion dollar online company any day!
And now we know what he eats.

[Image: Cj5zH6CUYAAMccY.jpg]
(Feb 21, 2018 08:00 PM)Yazata Wrote: And now we know what he eats.

[Image: Cj5zH6CUYAAMccY.jpg]

The story goes. This innocent looking cockroach impaled on a stick is in actuality the more dangerous of the two alien species in this photo leaked to the Press by someone at MIB headquarters. I can't say much more than that, plus I think I'm being followed. However I will say this, " Donald Trump is not really a what was that? Have to go now, they're here. It's, it's ....aaarrrrgggghhhh!.............................. (transmission ended)
Then there's that lazy left eye of Bezos. Perhaps an imperfection of the human disguise he is wearing?

[Image: -1x-1.jpg]
(Mar 12, 2018 11:13 PM)Yazata Wrote: [image]

I don't know... There's just something that seems wrong about eating even distant kin. I grimace just from watching natives in Southern Mexico feasting on spider monkeys.

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Jeff Bezos walks his dog...

[Image: DYrm4spVQAAINut.jpg]
(Mar 20, 2018 07:19 PM)Yazata Wrote: Jeff Bezos walks his dog... [image]

Mmmmm... Is the covert, lizard-man Illuminati setting himself up for a potential public relations disaster? Would the Outrage & Shaming Patrol actually try to get him arrested and fined for abuse if he kicked one of those repeatedly in public to demonstrate its agility? Seems like anything is possible or worth at least a tentative attempt these days in Coastal Elite Land or Social Utopian Micro-Management abroad. Wink

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