Antikythera shipwreck yields mystery bronze disc + Ceres bright spots common origin

Antikythera shipwreck yields statue pieces and mystery bronze disc

EXCERPT: [...] Foley and Theodoulou’s team also recovered an intriguing bronze disc or wheel, about eight centimetres across, attached to four metal arms with holes for pins. A layer of hardened sediment hides its internal structure, but it superficially resembles the Antikythera mechanism, and researchers had initially hoped that it might be part of that ancient device: perhaps the gearing that calculated the positions of the planets, which is missing from the find.

But preliminary X-ray imaging conducted in an Athens hospital on 25 September revealed a surprise: instead of gear wheels, the image of a bull appeared. The object might have been a decorative element, says Lapatin, perhaps attached to a box or a statue’s shield, or even — because of its sturdy construction — to the doomed ship. More-detailed radiography is planned for the next few weeks....


Those Bright Spots On Ceres Just Got A Bit Weirder

EXCERPT: [...] But there are hundreds of bright spots on Ceres, some with different materials in them. The team wanted to know if they all had the same formation process. The answer at the moment appears to be “yes”....

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