Magnetic, levitating furniture + Communal micro-housing + Old house features return

Magnetically Attractive Furniture & Decor: 14 Floating Designs

EXCERPT: A billionaire who’s really into magnets could fill his entire home with levitating objects, from a bed platform that costs nearly two million dollars down to his clothes hangers, houseplants, lamps, computer mouse and even salt and pepper shakers. While some of these designs are utterly lacking in practicality, others make up for it in fun....

Flexible micro-housing in Seoul is a communal micro-neighborhood

EXCERPT: [...] perhaps it might work better too if the units are designed to be more communal in nature -- more like a dormitory residence with shared spaces, rather than strictly separate. That's the aim of Korean architects Jinhee Park and John Hong of SsD Architecture in their Songpa Micro-housing project in Seoul -- to create a new kind of micro-housing where the limits of private and public blur and overlap, and to encourage a micro-neighbourhood of sorts....

Old house features making a comeback

EXCERPT: In so many ways, old houses had it right from the start. There were things that your great-grandparents enjoyed that would make a great deal of sense today, and fortunately, some building companies are realizing that. Many modern homeowners are gradually moving back to the old way of doing things -- here's how...
I'd worry if the power went off on that floating magnetic bed. Talk about a rude awakening!

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