Solving housing crisis with good engineering + Australia made largest cat-proof fence

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How To Solve The Housing Crisis With Good Engineering (video)

EXCERPT: The housing crisis is a problem worldwide, but with the help of some good engineering, we can build houses that are actually cost-efficient and affordable.

Australia Finishes Building World's Largest Cat-Proof Fence

EXCEPT: Australia has completed the world’s longest cat-proof fence, because cats, an introduced species on the island, can be a huge freaking problem. The Australian Wildlife Conservancy this month finished building and electrifying the 44-kilometre (27-mile) long fence to create a predator-free area of almost 9,400 hectares (23,200 acres) some 350 kilometres northwest of Alice Springs. [...] The AWC will introduce native mammals into the area and plans to expand it by ten times beginning in 2020.

Before you get all sad, you should probably know that feral cats are an ecological disaster. As we’ve reported, a recent study found that cats have caused 63 bird, mammal, and reptile species to go extinct in the past 500 years. Another recent survey found that cats cover 99.8 percent of the Australian island, at an average density of one cat per two kilometer-by-two kilometer square.

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Affordable engineering solutions can't make much headway against prohibitive local regulations and fees.

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