How nuclear power design changed since Chernobyl + Ultimate tree house for adults

How has nuclear power changed since Chernobyl?

EXCERPT: . . . One of the main issues with these types of reactors is [...] that when the coolant is lost, the rate of fission would increase. During the accident, an overproduction of steam led to more fission, a huge temperature and pressure increase, which eventually led to an explosion. ... After 1986, all remaining RBMK-1000 reactors underwent design updates to fix these flaws, finding 58 individual issues with the system. ... Instead of using graphite cores, reactors nowadays are designed using water as both a coolant and a moderator (a moderator helps slow down neutrons in order to make the fission process more effective). In these reactors, either light or heavy water, which are distinguished by their relative proportions of deuterium and hydrogen, are cycled through the core structure. While nothing is 100% safe, these types of reactors have faired better than the RBMK-1000.

[...] Apart from those who died from acute radiation poisoning at the power plant, most deaths after the Chernobyl disaster were the result of radiation-induced thyroid cancer. People who ingested iodine pills, however, were less likely to be impacted by this radiation. To produce hormones, your thyroid needs to absorb iodine, but in a normal environment, this iodine isn’t radioactive. The explosion at Chernobyl released the largest ever amount of a radioactive isotope called iodine-131 into the air. Once this radioactive iodine enters the human system, it's absorbed through the thyroid, dispersing radiation throughout the body. The idea for iodine pills is that if enough nonradioactive iodine-127 is ingested, then this will prevent the radioactive iodine from being absorbed.

[...] We do know that while it may protect the thyroid against iodine-131, it doesn’t protect other organs, and it doesn’t protect against other radioactive isotopes. It's not a catch-all “anti-radiation drug”. After the 2011 Fukushima disaster, iodine tablets were distributed to residents within a 10-mile radius of the reactor, but the effectiveness of this strategy is yet to be seen. Still, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission is prepared to distribute iodine pills in the event of a nuclear disaster. (MORE - details)

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Ultimate tree house for adults, in forest with wild deer

EXCERPTS: Sigurd Larsen, the Berlin based Danish architect working within the fields of architecture and furniture design, has completed the spectacular Lovtag treehouse hotel based in the Danish forest. Located at a serene eight metres above the ground, Lovtag is located in the Danish peninsula of Als Odde, conveniently close to the sea and Denmark’s longest fjord, the Mariager, to offer endless opportunities to guests. [...] Each four-person cabin will place you right in the thick of nature, providing you with incredible views via floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows. ... (MORE)

[...] So far, only one of nine houses have been built ... the cabins are designed in such a way that a tree could grow right through it. The first cabin is built around a pine tree, while the second and third are planned to be constructed around an oak and a beech tree, respectively. ... The 31m² (334-square-foot) cabin includes two sleeping spaces, a kitchenette, a living and dining area, access to a rooftop terrace, and a bathroom which opens up to a shower that’s located outdoors. ... the house has water, electricity, and indoor plumbing. (MORE - images)

[Image: Spectacular-treehouse-hotel-completed-in...rest5.jpeg]

[Image: lovtag-tree-cabin-hotel-sigurd-larsen-al...a__700.jpg]

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