Hat trends for the fall + Hats good enough to eat

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Hats: Trends for Fall

EXCERPT: If you don’t think hats are an essential part of the layering game, it’s time to get with the program. Besides adding another element to a well-curated ensemble, these accessories can hide a bad hair day and keep you warm. Forgo the hat, and a lot of heat is lost through the top of your head in the cooler months. (It’s science–look into it.) If you want to keep toasty when things turn arctic, you’ll want to stock up on headwear. To maintain your style-star status, it’s not the average knit beanie and scarf set you should be pulling out. Today, there’s much chicer options to be had....

INCLUDED: The Wool Fedora; Nine West Newsboy Cap; Solid Cashmere Beret; Baseball Cap

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Hats Good Enough to Eat

EXCERPT: Melbourne artist and Instagram sensation Phil Ferguson combines two of our favorite things — food and hats — in his crocheted millinery wonders. Anyone else getting hungry? [Photos]
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Ah yes. The quintessential baseball cap. A surgically attached accessory to my bony cerebral polyp. My years long habit of wearing a ball cap has influenced my identity with the rugged cap-wearing redneck. I'm ready to go. Rain? The blistering sunlight? You name it. I'm a sartorial model for the American outback, complete with 4 wheel drive SUV. When I'm inside I'm still outside. Don't stop to talk to me. I have places to go--- business to attend to involving trees and rivers and rocks. Just a simple good ole boy from Texas with a tentative penchant for chaos magick and protopanexperientialism. "Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto".

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