Social sciences & humanities have a reciprocal relationship (leftangelical community)

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EXCERPTS: The effects of COVID-19 have been devastating to economies across the globe. This has been true in South Africa too where the unemployment rate has shot up to almost 33 percent. The suffering is visible. In every city and town one is struck by the numbers of queues of desperate people seeking help of all kinds. [...] It’s therefore no surprise that the role of the social sciences, humanities and arts is so critical right now.

There has been public acknowledgement of the contributions of social science and humanities scholars. But concerns have also been raised about whether they have been involved enough. As someone close to a number of initiatives involving social scientists over the past 12 months, my strong view is that they have been. Social sciences and the humanities have been in the thick of the pandemic from its very beginning. They have provided help, advice, guidance and, as should be expected, critique.

This is how it should be. It is the role of the social sciences and the humanities, on the basis of evidence, to affirm where official policy is in the public interest, but also to point to where it is not. I try, in this article, to show how the social sciences and humanities have responded in South Africa... (MORE - details)

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