Differences between leftists & conservatives may be less clear cut than claimed

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Cynicial Sindee: The only thing surprising about this is that ANY garbage pumped out by the rapidly deteriorating social sciences can still be challenged or refuted.


INTRO: The idea that political conservatives and liberals differ in fundamental ways — in their biology and neurology, personality and moral foundations — has received a good deal of attention. However, cracks have begun to appear in this idea. In 2019, we covered new work finding that conservatives are not in fact more readily disgusted than liberals (disgust has a moral dimension, of course). And the year before, Jesse Singal, a regular Digest guest blogger, covered evidence suggesting that claims about liberal-conservative personality differences have been overblown.

Now a major new review and meta-analysis of research into political orientation and moral foundations — essentially, how people view morality — calls into question some influential earlier conclusions. Writing in the Psychological Bulletin, J. Matias Kivikangas at Aalto University and colleagues report finding support for the idea of some basic moral differences between conservatives and liberals. However, they also conclude that the differences are less clear cut than had been thought, and the results are also less generalisable across regions, countries and political cultures than has been claimed... (MORE)
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Since moral foundations theory is so well-tested, cross-culturally, they'd have to work very hard to rebut it.

And "review and meta-analysis" seems to have just become a catchphrase for "we can't be bothered to do original research". Just trying to make their academic bones on weak rebuttals of other work.

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