Live impeachment video updates (USA Today style)

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Boooyah! 232 votes to impeach. Donald Trump has been officially impeached for the 2nd time!
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(Jan 13, 2021 10:36 PM)Magical Realist Wrote: Boooyah! 232 votes to impeach. Donald Trump has been officially impeached for the 2nd time!

First time for a 2nd in history, he seems to love establishing records for others to break.

If they do so in significant numbers, the chief reason for Senate Republicans joining in to whack Trump this time around would be to prevent him from holding office again down the road. And also render him useless, so he's not hanging over them for the next four years as an influential shadow. The posh socialites want their party back, they no longer care about courting Podunk America vicariously after the Georgia fiasco and Stormin' Capitol.

It might seem an unnecessary step if the financial institutions and businesses sever ties to a stigmatized Trump. But he's been monetarily resilient in the past, so an impeachment conviction may be the only route, barring other legal issues and heavy litigation leading to arrest or further political impotence.

He could still pick and promote a surrogate to run for POTUS (either as an Independent or another takeover of the Elephant). If he needed a future POTUS to pardon him for whatever _X_, or just wanted the feeling of revenge. Otherwise, he likely won't do that for supporters merely out of charity or goodwill. There must be something for him falling out of it. Even continued admiration as the "man behind the candidate" might suffice.

Ultimately, it just depends on how high the tsunami of shame and ostracism that's rolling toward Trump gets (as well as if there is a successful impeachment). If there's a degree of functionality left in the robot arm, and he's free to walk, a surrogate might be in the cards (however lame the possibility of winning).
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Buying votes to impeach Trump! There's always something obvious one failed to add or think of earlier.

Ex-Trump Officials Pledge $50 Million to Re-Elect GOP Lawmakers Who Support Impeachment

INTRO: A group of former Trump administration officials and anti-Trump conservatives have pledged to raise $50 million to support the re-election of GOP lawmakers who vote to impeach the president. The new group, called the Republican Accountability Project (RAP), is meant to incentivize Republicans in Congress to hold President Donald Trump accountable after a violent mob of his supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol last week.

"It will ensure that ample resources are available for those principled Republicans who do the right thing and hold Trump accountable for inciting an attack on the U.S. Capitol to defend against primary challengers," the group said in a statement given to Newsweek.

Bill Kristol, board chair of the group and director of Defending Democracy Together, the project's umbrella organization, added that Republicans who vote to impeach "will not be left alone."

"We want to say to any Republican who votes to impeach or remove Donald Trump: You will not be left alone. We will help you against primary challenges," Kristol said. "And before the challenges emerge, we will help explain your vote to your constituents. So do the right thing. We will have your back." (MORE)
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Sounds like America has its scapegoat. What a bunch of cowards. It’s so obviously contrived with the sole intent of distancing the Republicans from Trump, pathetic. Pigs at the trough already preparing for next election.

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