Elon Musk says 1st Mars colony will live in 'glass domes' + Triple sonic boom alert

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(RELATED) SpaceX launch Saturday: Triple sonic boom expected on Central Coast: A SpaceX rocket is scheduled to launch Saturday from Vandenberg Air Force Base, and the return of its launch vehicle will create a sonic boom - or three. The Falcon 9 rocket is expected to launch from the Santa Barbara County base at 9:17 a.m. Saturday [11-21-20]. It will carry the Sentinel-6 Michael Feilich satellite, jointly developed by Europe and the United States to help scientists track the rise in global sea levels... (MORE)

Elon Musk says the first colony on Mars will live in 'glass domes'

EXCERPTS: Elon Musk says the first human colony on Mars will live in 'glass domes' and one million people will live there by 2050 after the poles are blasted by nuclear weapons to melt ice caps and induce warming. Elon Musk has shared more details for his plan to build a city on Mars. He suggests the first city will involve ‘life in glass domes at first'. The planet will be terraformed, but it will not happen in our lifetime, he said. The domes will be ruins for future settlers to discover once Mars is habitable. Musk proposed nuking Mars to make it habitable for one million people by 2050. (See Wikipedia SpaceX Mars program)

[...] NASA released a study in 2018 that found ‘Mars terraforming is not possible using present-day technology’ – this includes nuclear bombs. NASA’s statements have not deterred Musk from his path to the Red Planet, which he is now eyeing 2026 for when he plans to send the first crewed Starship rocket. Once they land on the dusty world, the first settlers will get to work constructing a self-sustaining city. SpaceX engineer Paul Wooster explained in September 2018 the initial focus of these individuals would be establishing life support systems, enabling surface power, developing habitats and building greenhouses – along with Musk’s glass domes.

In the recent tweet thread, after discussing the glass domes, a user asked the billionaire: ‘What would you say about the Laws you will have on Mars that you don't have on Earth?’ Musk simply replied: ‘Let the Martians decide their own future'. Not only does Musk have a plan for constructing the new world, but he also has an idea of how it should be governed... (MORE - details)


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