Elon Musk still dreams of nuking Mars (planetary engineering)


EXCERPT: Elon Musk is back at it again with his idea of nuking the surface of Mars to terraform it or make it habitable for humans. After tweeting “Nuke Mars!”, Musk is now selling t-shirts on the SpaceX online shop with the same message printed on it.

In an interview at Stephen Colbert’s late-night show in 2015 [...] Musk suggested an idea of detonating thermonuclear weapons on the poles to warm the red planet. With all the ice melting, carbon dioxide will be released into its atmosphere, eventually kickstarting a rapid greenhouse effect. He believes this will raise the global temperature on Mars significantly to make conditions livable for humans.

However, a recent NASA study titled “Inventory of CO2 available for terraforming Mars” [...] found that there isn’t much of carbon dioxide left on the planet to start off with significant greenhouse warming in the atmosphere [...] Musk followed this up on Twitter by saying “there’s a massive amount of CO2 adsorbed into the soil that’d be released upon heating”. Discover Magazine went into a deeper dive with this claim asking the scientists whether this could actually work out. (MORE - details)

Vincent Rhodes: Elon Musk Wants To Nuke Mars!

Mars deserves it!!

[Image: War_Of_The_Worlds_Main.jpg]

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