Why do whites support both strict immigration policies & dream act? (data analysis)

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RELEASE: White Americans support strict immigration policies while at the same time favor the DREAM Act that would grant legal status to some immigrants who were brought to the United States as children, a contradiction linked to racial resentment and the belief that equality already exists, according to a Rutgers-led study.

"White Americans' support for punitive immigration policies hurt the very same group for which they support a pathway to legalization," said author Yalidy Matos, an assistant professor of political science at Rutgers' School of Arts and Sciences. "Racial resentment and the belief that equal opportunity is already available to all, known as anti-egalitarianism, are predispositions that underscore American values such as work ethic, meritocracy and individualism. The same values that lead people to support restrictive immigration policies also lead them to support the DREAM Act."

The study, published in the journal Perspective on Politics, found that in 2012, more than 48 percent of white Americans who supported the DREAM Act also supported police enforcement of immigration. Of these 48 percent, approximately 19 percent were Democrats, 40 percent were Independents and 41 percent were Republicans.

White Democrats' support for the DREAM Act and local immigration enforcement by the police is influenced by racial resentment and the belief that opportunity and equality already exists. White Republicans are only influenced by racial resentment. Matos says white Americans' political behavior demonstrates that predispositions to these opposing beliefs can override partisanship for Democrats, leaving some to defect from party-aligned immigration policy preferences.

According to the data, Democrats (0.58), Independents (0.69) and Republicans (0.75) who support the DREAM Act and oppose sanctuary cities, a term applied to jurisdictions with policies designed to limit involvement in federal immigration enforcement actions, have higher levels of racial resentment than Democrats (0.24), Independents (0.34) and Republicans (0.59) who support the DREAM Act and support sanctuary cities. Matos recommends Americans think broadly about supporting restrictive immigration policies, especially local level immigration enforcement programs that can nullify their own support towards the DREAM Act.

"Support for the DREAM Act is a great start but ultimately not enough to diminish the indirect effects of other immigration policies," Matos said. "Immigration reform at-large will continue to struggle in Congress if white Americans continue to be driven by the values of meritocracy and work ethic and define equality as equality of opportunity without regard to structural barriers. This is especially the case for Democrats and Independents."
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Cyncial Sindee: While its concession of white Democrat slash Independents hypocrisy or cognitive dissonance is a remarkable anomaly in papers like this (yet it still can't stop itself from reflexively restricting Republicans to "resentment" as a sole cause), the study is still contaminated with its own presuppositions, invented background conspiracies and motivated, extra-scientific "oughts". Especially with respect to its ideological race fixation and academic elitism that general populations (i.e., stupid proles) can have no other reasons but those centering around ethnic items and systemic oppression.

Is there good reason for perusing anything from the social/human sciences these days other than to regularly remind one's self of what a sold-out joke they are? Compromised by the replication crisis, predatory journals and slipshod peer review, statistical errors and fallacies; personal security, survival, and career concerns revolving areas like publish or perish; and the need to receive rewards and funding by being submissive to external adminstrative policies that require scientists to conform to humanities and political agendas which pre-conceptually deem their own motivated/artificial cognitive filters, biases, and desire for sub-cultural approval via virture posturing to be evaluating and interpreting their targeted territories in an impartial fashion.

To wit:

ACP Issues Organizational Commitment to be Anti-Racist, Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive

EXCERPT: In the statement, ACP outlines a series of policies and actions that reflect and demonstrate its commitments to: ensuring the diversity, equity and inclusion of ACP members, governance and employees; being an anti-racist organization; combatting racial disparities that affect health and health care; and promoting gender equity and eliminating the inequities in compensation and career advancement that physicians can face... (MORE - details)
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I'm always skeptical when such bold claims hide the data for their conclusions behind a paywall. No idea how they even measured the supposed "racial resentment".

If you remove what seems to only be a presumption of racial resentment, there is zero conflict between enforcing immigration law for adults who have no excuse for violating the law and children who could not be held accountable for their parents' choices.

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