Tallboy explodes after 75 years: No detonative dysfunction (made to last style)

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INTRO: The largest-ever World War II bomb found in Poland recently detonated as Navy divers attempted to diffuse it. The bomb, referred to as a “Tallboy or “Bomb, Medium Capacity,” weighed 12,000 pounds; half of which was explosives. Luckily, all of the divers were out of harm’s way when the gargantuan explosive went off.

Reuters described the Whoops-a-booms-y in a recent report, which comes via Digg. According to Reuters, the UK’s Royal Air Force (RAF) dropped the bomb in 1945 near the port of Szczecin, in an attack on a German cruiser. It lied there, dormant, until September 2019, when workers deepening the waterway near the port discovered it. (Unfortunately, no signs of either the One Ring to rule them all, nor Godzilla, were reported along with the discovery...)

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Something slightly odd about this story.
Did it go off before they got there? (So lucky it would be a story in itself)
Did it go off after they fiddled with it - they realised it was going to go off and the 75 year old bomb waited until they were at a safe distance before detonating? (So lucky it would be a story in itself)
One or more divers were killed and they chose to keep quiet about it.
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My guess is that the Poles decided that it was too dangerous to try to defuse, so they placed their own explosives next to it and blew it up. It may have detonated when they triggered it that way.

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