DARK: a complicated, poignant, freewill-probing time travel show (Deutschland style)

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Only 26 episodes. But it left me wishing it had been drawn out over 60 or a 100 for the sake of seeing more of these characters and deeper explorations into their lives. As well as further elaboration on specific events, and ensuring the series has a noteworthy status in television history. Its creators are partners Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. DARK wasn't another victim of Netflix cancellation, so rest assured it doesn't end on a cliffhanger like The OA did. (That's why I didn't start watching until it concluded after three seasons.)

The first season (2017) may exhibit some familiar scene clichés (like birds falling from the sky, fission products stored in secret barrels, etc). But brave onward because the series eventually carves out its own territory. On the plus side of repetitiveness, DARK uses the Apparat song "Goodbye" as its intro theme, with psychoactive visuals.

The intricate way these four families and their multiple generations are causally interwoven together in terms of temporal relationships, effects, and traveler interactions would make the timeline chart in the short-story All You Zombies or Predestination look like a circuit diagram for a light bulb connected to a battery. This is Heinlein paradox and loop self-making on steroids.

"You should watch it with subtitles if you can". I agree. However, it can be confusing enough without having a degree of attention gobbled up by reading captions. Some sources claim that the given, dubbed in English version of this German series is pretty good (maybe they used deep fake for lip syncing). But there's no getting around that the emotions and atmospheric gravity of the original are still probably going to be degraded in many spots.

Normally I avoid subtitles. Which is not due to my detesting them, but because these days I'm often multi-tasking when watching films/video in any type of environs. I simply can't keep my eyes constantly glued to the screen or monitor exhibiting the program. In the case of "Dark", though, I made an exception. For circa an hour a day (especially applicable to the 2nd and 3rd seasons), I was going to force myself to actually do nothing but observe the _X_ I was supposed to be viewing.

If (in addition to deciding to watch the show at all) you do go the route of listening to the original German with English subtitles, then there are youtube recap videos and printed summaries for each episode for occasions when you have trouble keeping track of who someone is or which family they belong to (as well as what the devil is going on in general). Just make sure you don't run into spoilers by picking the wrong episode or the wrong season for those comments (disastrous!). Simply looking at the genealogy maps in the Wikipedia article would straighten things out considerably, but that would also utterly sabotage the mystery aspect. Some clarifications just have to wait till after the last drop before seeking reference sources.

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Perfect timing. I just finished "Tales from the Loop".

Thanks for the recommendation, C C!

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