A SpaceX forum?

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Just that really. As long as Yazata is prepared to keep up his amazing posts it would tend to be my first port of call when logging in.
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Come to think of it, the "Astrophysics, Cosmology & Astronomy" sub-forum is only indirectly inclusive of space travel. So a general forum devoted specifically to that (which would include plenty of Space-X) might be the thing. Perhaps another sub-forum not really used much could be removed to make room for it. Heck, even "vehicles/travel" could be officially converted to such and moved up to the top section.

Of course, these are idealistic speculations which do not take into account the software obstacles or complications for implementing such affairs.

P.S. For continuity and historical reference, Yazata's old threads could have links to them in the very first posts of the new threads of the "new" forum so that they could be easily found slash gotten to. Even moving the old threads to a new location might be a possibility (they seem to "easily" relocate them in Sciforums). But that goes back to the paragraph above. (Different species Scivillage could be.)
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(Jun 29, 2020 10:09 PM)confused2 Wrote: Just that really. As long as Yazata is prepared to keep up his amazing posts it would tend to be my first port of call when logging in.

Thanks, C2. I'm crazy and obsessed, so I can keep going indefinitely. (Scary.)

A 'Spaceflight' forum might be a good idea. Stryder could move the 'BFR' thread from astronomy, and the 'Starlink' and 'DM2' threads from the 'vehicles' forum.

Don't call it 'SpaceX' though. That would exclude loveable little Rocketlab (who are planning to put a tiny 4" cubesat in orbit around the Moon for NASA), Copenhagen Suborbitals and their do-it-yourself crowd-funded manned-space program, Boeing's Starliner, Virgin Galactic, ULA, the SLS, and even Blue who are working hard on the first two prototypes of their massive New Glenn rocket (and planning an even more massive New Armstrong), although unlike SpaceX Blue operates in top secrecy. One of these years Blue is going to fly humans in their little suborbital New Shepherd rocket too... maybe. (They seem to have deemphasized it in favor of the bigger rockets.)

It's just that SpaceX is where all the action is right now, and they are the only ones who allow roadside-rocket-scientists to watch and photograph everything they are doing in Boca. (The opposite philosophy from Blue.)

Moving space travel would allow Astronomy to actually be about... astronomy. Don't just rename 'vehicles' though, since there are lots of interesting vehicles besides spaceships.

Maybe 'vehicles' should be separated from 'travel' though, since travel seems to be more about the destinations than the way to get there.
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I've sat quietly thinking about how to handle this.

I could place it as a subforum under the Astrophysics, Cosmology and Astronomy .  The problem with that however is anything sent to space or intended as a vehicle is far more than just a scientific doctrine, there's also a lot of Engineering, Mathematics, Programming, Logistics, Physics etc.  So in essence it wouldn't fit in a science sub-subforum.

So it makes sense to add it as one of the extended casual subforums.  The funny thing is if kind of reminds me of what Sciforums started out as.  (Using archive.org it's possible to look at 1999's Exosci.com
https://web.archive.org/web/199902080130...xosci.com/ which eventually evolved into Sciforums)

How does a straight forwards "Astronautics" subforum sound? It covers more than just flying, but the sciences, engineering etc.

edit: Okay the subforum is added, however any suggestions of changes (the description or forum icon) is fine by me.
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Astronautics is great with me.

Now you need to move a bunch of threads there. If you look at the astronomy forum and the vehicles one, there are lots of astronautics threads in each one.

I post to the 'BFR' thread in Astronomy every day. There's an engine static fire coming on Friday and (maybe) a VTOL hop flight on Monday. There's the Starlink thread in Vehicles that's awaiting a new launch on Saturday.


























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Many thanks Stryder and Yazata - hopefully many people will enjoy this and we won't accidentally miss rockets being blasted into space or just hopping.
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All mentioned threads should now be in Astronautics.

There should also be 7 day redirects from the forums they were once in. Once 7 days is up those redirects will expire and disappear but it should be long enough for any one or bot to get wind of where things are now.

If you spot any others that need shift feel free to mention here or pm me.

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