A SpaceX forum?

Just that really. As long as Yazata is prepared to keep up his amazing posts it would tend to be my first port of call when logging in.
Come to think of it, the "Astrophysics, Cosmology & Astronomy" sub-forum is only indirectly inclusive of space travel. So a general forum devoted specifically to that (which would include plenty of Space-X) might be the thing. Perhaps another sub-forum not really used much could be removed to make room for it. Heck, even "vehicles/travel" could be officially converted to such and moved up to the top section.

Of course, these are idealistic speculations which do not take into account the software obstacles or complications for implementing such affairs.

P.S. For continuity and historical reference, Yazata's old threads could have links to them in the very first posts of the new threads of the "new" forum so that they could be easily found slash gotten to. Even moving the old threads to a new location might be a possibility (they seem to "easily" relocate them in Sciforums). But that goes back to the paragraph above. (Different species Scivillage could be.)

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