Can Wearing a Facemask Reduce Your Oxygen Intake?

Karen freaks out at Trader Joe's after being asked to wear a mask.

I love the whole "Karen" meme because I actually know someone that looks and acts exactly like this and her real name is Karen. It’s hilarious. Big Grin

Here’s another man that tested the oxygen levels under his facemask and claims that they’re hazardous. He's right though. According to OSHA any atmosphere where the oxygen content is below 19.5% is unhealthy. However, W.H.O. claims that wearing a face mask does not lead to C02 intoxication nor oxygen deficiency.

There are plenty of studies showing that wearing a N95 mask can reduce oxygen intake though. They say that it can reduce it anywhere from 5 to 20%, which is significant even for a healthy person. They said that if you wear it long enough, it can even damage your lungs. [1] [2]

I don’t know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. What do you think?
I find a mask unpleasant and difficult to breathe through in the course of various physical activities -- like say, pushing around a shopping cart for one to two hours over the floor space of a superstore. For some odd reason I also occasionally develop a temporary sore throat.

With respect to homemade masks and no universal standard regulating them in terms of material and construction, I don't know how sweeping statements can be made about the absolute safety of those.

Someone with aortic stenosis who has reached the stage of having bouts with pulmonary edema is surely tempting fate by wearing a mask for long periods. Inefficient blood flow compounded with minor(?) reduction in oxygen --> fluid buildup in the lungs.

Lincoln county in Oregon has a mandate for wearing masks, but does "exempt people with disabilities or medical conditions whose breathing would be obstructed by a mask and children under 12, though children ages 2 through 12 are still encouraged to cover their faces". Also (though unrelated to oxygen deprivation), it previously exempted communities of color from having to wear masks.
I bet Karen (in the OP) would identify herself as a blonde. Nuff said.

I identify as not being able to hear very well. I have one good ear and that one doesn't seem to be very good. I tried an internet lip-reading course and after a few lessons I couldn't tell the difference between
"I'm a representative of the World Health Organisation."
"Would you like another mince pie?"
So I gave up.
But I must lip-read a little bit because when Mrs C2 or anyone else is wearing a mask all I get is:
"Phiffle phaffle faffer fiffer faffer.".
I don't go out very often.

Certainly raises blood pressure.
I deal with that by not going out very often.

I'd be happier (going out) if I wasn't wearing a mask made out of material that has been in a drawer for 30 or more years - it has a suffocating quality like "I've been waiting for this moment (to to suffocate you) for over 30 years.". Probably not alone in that sentiment.
Ears seem to be the favoured point to attach a mask to. Why bother with another six inches of elastic to use the back of the head to take the strain when you can so easily stop half way round and use the ears?
Here’s more of the video on twitter. Man oh man, she’s a mean one. She called them fucking democratic pigs. She had enough oxygen to scream at the top of her lungs. I never yell. It’s unnecessary energy consumption. She probably yells like that at home, too. If her husband isn’t hard of hearing, he will be. 

I was at the store the other day. My cart was full but the cashier was extremely slow. I waited in line for fifteen minutes but I had to drive a friend to the doctor. I asked the guy at the door if he would hold my cart until I got back. I told him it would only take me about a half hour or so. He said, no. I was pissed but I just told him that I was sorry, but the lady was too slow, and now I have to go. I guess you’ll just have to put it all back. I'm sorry. When I returned, there he was waiting for me with my cart. I was grateful because shopping with a mask on sucks. I sneak my nose out occasionally when no one is looking.
Ah, the joys of living in a free state, where adults are expected to make decisions for themselves.
Not wearing a mask increases the probability of severely reducing someone’s breathing rate to zero.

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