Israel glad to use USA minus doing that + Soleimani kill due to impeachment pressure?

The general consensus in Israel is that it will not pay the price for this about-face (Handler style)

EXCERPT: . . . For years, Israel has tried unsuccessfully to harness the United States for a military confrontation with Iran. And last Friday we [Israel] emerged from these 40 years in the wilderness. The United States, which has been wary of conducting a direct attack on Iranian targets since the early 1980s, carried out - and assumed responsibility for - the assassination of Qassem Soleimani - the man who most symbolized the spread of the Iranian revolution across the globe. No wonder the political and defense echelons in Israel are celebrating. This revolution in U.S. policy in the Middle East did not involve any Israeli military or diplomatic input that could exact a heavy price. President Trump chose to put his hand in the fire. (MORE)

Trump reportedly told associates he killed Qassem Soleimani because he was under pressure from GOP senators before his impeachment trial (Appeasement style)

SUMMARY POINTS: President Donald Trump told associates that he assassinated Iran's top military leader last week in part to appease Republican senators who will play a crucial role in his Senate impeachment trial, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. In a lengthy piece detailing how the president's top advisers coalesced behind the strike on Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, The Journal reported that Trump had told associates he felt pressure from the senators. One of Trump's most outspoken supporters, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, appears to be the only congressional lawmaker Trump briefed about his plan to assassinate Soleimani in the days leading up to the strike. Graham has criticized the president's foreign-policy choices in the past — most notably Trump's withdrawal of troops from northern Syria and his handling of Saudi Arabia. Publicly, Trump has said he approved the strike on Soleimani because the general was plotting to bomb the US Embassy in Iraq. The administration has not provided evidence to support this claim. (MORE - details)
And what "fire" did Trump supposedly put his hand in? The one where Iran made ineffective attacks, just to save face domestically, and immediately backed down? And Soleimani was responsible for many US deaths, so it's not like this was only a benefit to Israel. And only the stubbornly obtuse fail to understand that the US supports the only democracy in the Middle East...and without them needing to ask, just like any other Western democracy.

It is dishonest equivocation to use the word "appeasement" for one's own party while ignoring the actual, foreign appeasement done by Obama in the Iran nuclear deal, or pulling troops out of Iraq, leading to the rise of ISIS.

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