Movies that changed your life

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Was there ever a movie that affected you in deep way? That caused you to question your beliefs, or else expanded your vision of what was possible? Here are a few that affected me in such a way:

The Wizard of Oz--I suppose the take-away from this at the meager age of 6 or 7 was the power of fantasy to lift one out of the humdrum boredom of everyday life. It made me believe in the power of movies as true art that could provide lasting escape from reality.

The Birds--Hitchcock's masterful exploration of a apocalyptic doom underlying the angst of everyday reality. Another lesson in the power of film to seduce and enchant.

The Ten Commandments--I roughly link this movie to the time in my life when I started taking religion seriously and started seeing the Biblical God is a real source of meaning in my life. Quite unusual for 12 year old boy.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind--Totally unexpected reintroduction into the power of movies to make real the beauty of imagined scenarios. Who's this new Spielburg director? lol!

Field of Dreams--a surprising vision for a wandering agnostic in his early 20's. A view of reality as richly invested with magic without the burden of a some moralistic deity. The artistic depiction of the transcendent rising up thru the everyday. Of the miraculous as an organic surge from the heart of matter itself.

The Matrix--A totally new view on the Buddhist idea of reality as an illusion that supresses the realization of the truth. The cultural myth of overcoming ingnorance with knowledge, questioning the system I was born to accept without question.

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[Image: iconic-scenes-close-encounters.jpg]

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When I was about six I saw a movie that I don't remember any details about, but the scenes where a person or people fell into water or got caught in a rainstorm could be a big factor in me becoming fetisexual.

Another movie that greatly upped my consciousness of the way people can act simply abhorrently without excuse towards others was Schindler's List.  

Back to when I was about 7, Godzilla got me to fanticize a lot.

The Ten Commandments added a lot to my religious belief too.
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Poseidon Adventure? Lifeboat? So what's fetisexual? I'm asexual myself. Although I'm gay in my orientation, I prefer not having sex with anyone. You are defined by your actions. As well as your inactions...
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It happened before those movies came out.  Fetisexual in my case means that sex with another person never occurred to me, but the drive became associated with some object or situation.  That is about as far I feel it is worth talking about that for me, since I look at sex drive as being a burden upon people because it costs mental and physical energy, and imposes upon them a drive that nature intended to increase the population, which is already plenty large.

Now I'm just about completely asexual too.   I havent a desire for sexual stimulation anymore.  Any relationships must be of the mind for me, and it was really always that way.

I look at myself as being defined by my desires rather than my actions or inactions.
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Movies over the last two decades or longer are like elaborate, fleshed-out cartoons / comics and B-movies with mega-size budgets. They could have a brief impact on me shortly after viewing them but then such soon faded away. So it's largely any important classic or less-tooted film from the pre-CGI and "thrill-o-rama" era that has held lingering effects. I'll sometimes watch even a mediocre oldie just as an historical artifact / Hollywood-filtered feel of what it was like to live back then.

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