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Top 10 Dystopian movies

C C Offline
(Apr 23, 2022 06:13 PM)Magical Realist Wrote: I'd add one more..."1984" with John Hurt and Richard Burton. A relevant and timeless classic.

Perhaps because I didn't want that later version undermined in my memory, I've never seen the 1956 film that was secretly funded by the CIA ("Animal Farm" was, too). Also contributing to such was the movie having been withdrawn from the public for years or decades by the Orwell estate, after agreements expired.   

The 1950s rendering is on youtube, so time for me to finally remedy that incredibly prolonged reluctance, sometime this week.
C C Offline
Holy smoke. They've even got the 1954 TV version of "1984", featuring Peter Cushing. Due to their infamous wiping policy, I didn't think the BBC retained anything broadcast live from the era -- but then that's before videotape and easy erasure slash reuse.

Here's a colorized version of the 1956 film:
Yazata Offline
They left out THX 1138!

George Lucas' first feature film, based on the student film he made to graduate from film school at USC

Here's the 1967 student film in its entirety

And here's a trailer for the 1971 theater-release feature film, starring Robert Duvall as THX1138.

It's a very accurate documentary depiction of the failure of my own scientistic mind-control programming and my narrow escape from the "skeptics" in 'the other place'.

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