Read University of California Press Books Online

UC Press has made it possible to read many of the older (out of print?) books that they publish on your computer screen. (There's a 'print view' option up on top that produces the book in one long file that you can download or convert to pdf.) There are hundreds of these books, in many subjects.

Many of them are only available to UC students and faculty, but others are open to everyone interested. Look for a little box next to the title that says "public".

Here's their subject listing

Here's what they have on the History and Philosophy of Science, 49 books of which 29 are public.

There are 15 books on Classical (Greco-Roman) philosophy, and 7 are public.

Here's an example of a book in print format, The Boundaries of Humanity - Humans, Animals and Machines. 1991 UC Press

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