Some 1,700 Free Science E-books! Plus Journals

This is kind of extraordinary.

It's the 'Frontiersin' website that hosts dozens of journals all beginning with "Frontiers in ..." As the names suggest, they are about current research topics in wide areas of science.

They have compiled something like 1,700 free science e-books on current research topics, consisting of collected articles on a single research topic from their journals, that can be downloaded at no cost in pdf or epub formats. Click where it says 'all stages' and when the drop-down menu appears, click on 'e-book available'. You can narrow the scope of the search by choosing the journal whose articles you are interested in over on the left.

You can also click on 'submissions closed' as well, which leads to more that haven't been compiled into ebooks yet. But you can still click on individual papers and there will be a 'download' button on the upper right, to download the articles. There are many thousands of these additional articles on all areas of science.

This thing can keep you reading for years. By then they will have added more.

It's all creative-commons licensed.

I've just downloaded several of the ebooks.

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