Shut offs begin: PG&E Imposes Mass Blackouts

(Oct 15, 2019 12:27 AM)billvon Wrote:
(Oct 13, 2019 07:33 PM)Syne Wrote: But that choice doesn't include the solar panels themselves, huh? Half-assed measures it is then.
Nope.  No "measures" at all.  None of the solar mandates were intended to provide backup power.  

But keep trying to conflate them; it's fun to watch.

The solar mandate was obviously just one part virtue signalling and one part "help us bolster our crappy infrastructure". No conflation. There's a very clear line between forcing people to reduce their draw on your power grid (while refusing to use nuclear power) and not really giving a crap about stemming wildfires (until too late) or helping people cope with the eventualities of an poorly maintained power grid.

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