Cat kills copperhead snake which snuck into 81-year-old man's kitchen (feline style)

Years ago, I was bit by the same on different occasions.

SUMMARY: Copperhead snake slithered into home of Jimmie Nelson, 81, of Speedwell, Tennessee . Nelson says he heard a noise late at night, but he thought it was his cat being playful. Two days later, he noticed a dead venomous snake on his kitchen floor. The snake had suffered scratch marks on its head and bled before it died, indicating that it was killed by Shelly, Nelson's shelter cat.

EXCERPT: . . . Luckily for Nelson, who has trouble moving because of a stroke, Shelly was there to protect him. ... Seals [his daughter] said that when her mother was alive, she didn’t allow her husband to bring a cat into the house. Now that Jimmie Nelson lives on his own, he wanted a cat as a companion. (MORE - details, images)

[Image: 19314484-7539299-image-a-34_1570220596638.jpg]
There’s a couple of grey areas in the story but I think it suffice to say a copperhead snake ended up dead under Jimmy’s kitchen table. How it got there is another thing. 

Not unusual for snakes to be found in homes. Seen several stories of snakes being captured or killed in people’s houses, some slithering in from the outside and some actually escaped pets. In some cases the snakes have killed a human along the way. 

Regardless the real story here is the timeline and the extraordinary lengths a divine being went through to save this man Jimmy from a deadly serpent. The daughter claims God had a hand in this. I suppose it not unusual for this deity and snakes to be engaged in some sort of one-Upmanship. If God personally got involved here Then does he know the future, that being harm for Jimmy by snake? Also can the future can be changed by anyone who knows of events to come? All we can do is make a prediction based on evidence, knowledge, & probability. Is God doing the same ? And most importantly, can a snake that's snuck be sneaky??

God had placed Jimmy in a copperhead snake infested area. Jimmy is quoted as having killed millions of them. The likelihood of a snake entering his premises is probably higher than most homeowners one might conclude, considering there seems to be an ample supply. Lucky for Jimmy, God will not let a snake do him harm. However if you notice, a certain amount of harm was allowed before the divine rescue took place. Question is whether God really had anything to do with it.

Did God purposely place Jimmy in venomous snake territory with a wife who hated cats? Did God approve the birth of a daughter (who I assume helped with cat adoption) and eventually have the wife die (Required because Jimmy would need the cat)? Did the good Lord incapacitate Jimmy with a stroke? Did his Holiness arrange for the adopted cat and make sure it was capable of snake killing. ? Did the Almighty allow the snake to enter Jimmy’s house? I could go on and on about millions of events that had to occur over the millennia just to have Lucifer lying dead on the kitchen floor. 

I think the story, intentionally or not, is a parody of theism. The classic God vs Satan. God represented by the angelic cat and of course Satan as the venomous Copperhead. Satan seeking revenge for the deaths of millions of snakes and God the protectorate summoning his forces to fight the evil threat. The poor snake, a victim of divine intervention and identified as a species worth killing in God’s eyes. 

Is it possible the snake and the cat represent certain political parties? Who needs the hayseed vote?. Angel

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