10 best hard seltzers ranked by alc content


"Hard seltzers are a popular alcoholic-beverage choice this summer, although not all of them are created equally in terms of flavor options and strength.

To see how some of the most popular hard seltzers stack up, INSIDER ranked them by percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV), which can tell you how much alcohol is in a beverage.

Here's a round-up of some of the best spiked seltzers on the market, ranked by alcohol content."

[Image: 5d531abc8555622d4255fcc3-1136-852.jpg]
Even at 5% or less, I doubt that my unrefined taste buds could even discern a "hint of mango" and other assorted berry and lime flavors. But still, what I'd probably rather be stuck with after the apocalypse if there wasn't any caches of uncontaminated water. Goodness knows what ordinary soda pop would into into after a few days in the plus 100-degree heat.

"Diet soda stored for ten weeks loses flavor. Aspartame in that soda breaks down into two products, formaldehyde and DKP. The warmer the temperature, the greater the loss of aspartame and the greater the increase in DKP. ... At very high temperatures, the formaldehyde breaks down."

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