'Killing that we need to be able to defend'

Radical feminist takes abortion debate to unthinkably evil place: 'Killing that we need to be able to defend'

You have to read Lewis' words to understand the full breadth of the evil underlying her belief:

   We're facing a really terrible attack on abortion. In the U.S. where I live, in Northern Ireland and elsewhere. In the past, the strategies that our side has tended to use have included a kind of ceding ground to our enemies. We tend to say that abortion is "Indeed very bad, but," or we say "Luckily it's not killing, luckily it's just a health care right."

   We have very little to lose at the moment when it comes to abortion and I'm interested in winning radically. I wonder if we could think about defending abortion as a right to stop doing gestational work. Abortion is, in my opinion, and I recognize how controversial this is, a form of killing. It is a form of killing that we need to be able to defend.

   I am not interested in where a human life starts to exist. I see the forms of making and unmaking each other as continuous processes. The other end of the spectrum is learning how to die well and hold each other and let each other go at the end of our lives, as well as at the beginning.

   But looking at the biology of the hemochorial placentation helps me think about the violence that, innocently, a fetus meets out vis-a-vis a gestator. That violence is an unacceptable violence for someone who doesn't want to do gestational work. The violence that the gestator meets out to essentially go on strike or exit that workplace is an acceptable violence.

Yeah, the person who "doesn't want to do gestational work" Rolleyes is the same person who could have practiced responsible birth control or used the morning after pill. Instead, she insists on "defending killing" in order to excuse her own irresponsibility.

A woman continuing to make a very strong case that women are actually children. Admitting that abortion is killing and still defending it.

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