Is consciousness fundamental to reality?

(Jun 4, 2019 05:41 PM)C C Wrote: For possibly different reasons, an old-fashioned "direct realist" should probably agree with at least discarding the "external world" conception. That is, if there's no representation in the head or mind to begin with, then for them "external" should become an otiose adjective, a useless ornament to "world". But 21st-century and late 20th-century thinkers have turned what is meant by "representation" into such an obscured jumble that their distinction between "direct" and "indirect" is not so clear these days. "Representation" now might be purely referring to a semantic, conceptual, or language construct rather than a phenomenal simulation.

Would you go so far as to deem the semantic, conceptual construct as false? This would need some sort of adjustment in the language of how we describe consciousness wouldn't it?

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